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Tips & Tricks

In order to have even more automation you can supplement usage of py-template with a set of predefined aliases.

These aliases should be placed either in ~/.bashrc (for bash shell) or /.zshrc (for zsh shell). For other shells please see their respective documentation.

Check below for even more automation:

Clone & Initialize

Function below will:

  1. Clone repository
  2. Install poetry dependencies
  3. Setup necessary pre-commit hooks

Feel free to rename this function to whatever you like!

# Git Clone Initialize Python
gclip () {
    # Automatically clones and initializes a git repo (for Python language)
    # USAGE: gclip <repo_url>
    # Get last part of url without .git extension and use it as repo name
    repo_name="$(echo "${url##*/}" | cut -f 1 -d '.')"
    git clone "${url}"
    cd "${repo_name}"
    poetry install --all-extras
    poetry run pre-commit install -t pre-commit -t commit-msg

Example usage (from command line):


Note: SSH protocol is of course supported by the function above