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Private releases

Currently py-template is set to to perform public releases on PyPI.

If the project fails to release documentation will not be updated after merging.

While we advise open-sourcing your projects we understand some of the code should be kept private.

Follow the steps below in order to perform private release (package will be installable from the GitHub URL, see poetry documentation for more information).

1. Adjusting release process

There is no need for explicit release, simply remove .github/workflows/python-release.yml and you are good to go.

2. Adjusting documentation release

As the release is not present anymore you have to adjust documentation release process (which is hooked on release passing).

Change the following lines in .github/workflows/python-docs-release.yml at the top (on section changed):

name: Generate Documentation

      - main

That's it, now your documentation will be published privately (keep in mind you have to enable documentation release via GitHub, see here)