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Adjusting coverage

Currently coverage is set to 100%, both within local pipeline and the CI.

This threshold might be undesirable in many cases, this document describes how one might adjust it.

Upcoming sections change coverage threshold to 90%.

1. Adjust precommit

Modify .pre-commit-config.yaml file, specifically python-tests entry:

# Around the bottom of the file
- id: python-tests
  verbose: true
  name: Python Tests
  # Adjust --cov-fail-under to anything between 0 to 100
  entry: >
    poetry run pytest -n auto --pretty --cov=src
    --cov-fail-under=90--cov-report=term-missing test
  pass_filenames: false
  language: system
    - commit
    - python

2. Adjust GitHub Actions

Modify .github/workflows/python-tests.yml, bottom of the file, by adding the following argument to the action as presented below:

- name: Upload combined coverage
  uses: ./.github/actions/python-coverage
    fail-under: 90

That's it, now your coverage checks should be at 90%!