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inovintell templates documentation

Quick Usage

  • Click green button Use this template
  • Name your repository however you wish (snakecase advised)
  • Enable gh-pages branch on / to have your documentation hosted (see here)
  • Optional (but recommended): add main branch protection rules
  • That is all, all functionalities below are inherited!

For optimal experience please use language/functionality specific templates briefly described below.

template (Generic)

Use it to as base for a project written in not supported (yet) language

Includes, amongst other things:

  • Automated PR labeling based on file changes
  • Automated dependency updates and management
  • Automated PR & commits checks in accordance to Conventional Commits
  • Increased security (e.g. semgrep or step-security/harden-runner)
  • Automated linting of .md and .yml files
  • Metadata definitions (e.g. guide)

See in-depth documentation here.

py-template (Python)

Use it for any Python project with no (minor) adjustments!

Includes everything generic template has to offer and extends functionality by providing:

  • Continuous Integration for every pull request (tests run using multiple cores!)
  • Continuous Deployment (after pull request is merged) to PyPI repository of your choice
  • Automated documentation creation from Python's docstrings
  • Automated code fixing and linting for every PR
  • Identical dev experience to the created pipelines via simple poetry install --all-extras!
  • Tunable via single pyproject.toml in adherence to latest Python's best practices

See in-depth documentation here


If you:

  • find any feature missing/desired
  • find a bug

Please raise a new GitHub Issue in template-specific repository or open a new Pull Request.